Valuable Marketing Training You Can Get CHEAP!

Many people get into Network Marketing or Online Marketing in general, and they waste a lot of time doing the wrong things with great energy.  I know I did.

When I first got into Network Marketing I thought it would be a good thing to post my link in Facebook groups every hour on the hour.  I made no sales, and found myself in Facebook jail.  Bad move.

I did a similar thing when it came to Affiliate Marketing on Twitter.  I pushed regular content every 10 minutes, and pushed a link to an Amazon product every hour.  I did make a couple of sales, but they were just lucky hits that I could not replicate.

I know I’m not alone.  I see other marketers doing the same thing on both Facebook and Twitter.  Folks who have no strategy except spamming their links praying that someone will buy.  There has got to be a better way, right?  Well, there is.

In the Power Lead System we have some excellent training about how to market on Social Media.  The best training I have found in this area is the Endless Free Leads training with Max Steingart.  And, for $54 per month, you get this training, plus a whole lot more.  But, what if you don’t have $54 per month to spend?  What if you want to get going in Social Media Marketing with the proper training for only around 10 bucks?  I believe a little book by Ray and Jessica Higdon might provide you with the answer you seek.

The book is called Freakishly Effective Social Media For Network Marketing, and it is a short concise treasure trove for anyone wanting to do either Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing on social media and do it right.

Ray and Jessica Higdon warn you of the common pitfalls that newbies stumble into (such as spamming your links).  And, they teach you the right way to do social media marketing.  They focus on urging the newbie marketer to take time being social on social media.  Spend time talking to people and getting to know them and their needs.  Offer value to your friends and followers for free, rather than just chasing after them screaming, “BUY! BUY! BUY!”  Then, once your people get to like, know and trust you, you will naturally start making sales.  It all starts with getting the $$$ out of your eyes, and just start trying to help people.  When people see you care about them, they will begin to care about you and become interested in your products, opportunities, or services.

Freakishly Effective Social Media For Network Marketing is not on the same level as the Endless Free Leads training by Max Steingart.  But, for around $10, it’s an affordable substitute.  I believe it will give the newbie marketer enough training to get started making money in online marketing.  Then, after a person is able to upgrade their income, they will be able to upgrade their training.  I see incredible value in both the Ray and Jessica Higdon book and the Max Steingart training.  I have and make use of them both.  And, although the focus of Freakishly Effective Social Media For Network Marketing is Network Marketing, the principles taught in the book work for Affiliate Marketing as well.   If you want to get started earning money online, this book will help you cultivate the proper mindset needed to do it with.

If you would like to get started in Social Media Marketing, I can not recommend Freakishly Effective Social Media For Network Marketing highly enough.  You can check it out for yourself using the link below.

Resolve. Set It And DON’T Forget It!

It happens to all of us.

Hard times hit.  We get frustrated and angry.  And we feel like giving up.

Been there myself many times.

But the one constant in life is change.  Good times come and good times go.  The same goes for bad times.  No matter what you are going through, just think, “This too shall pass.”

When difficult times come around, it is easy to lose heart and feel like chucking it all away.  But, if we set our resolve to gut it out no matter what and to succeed in our home business plans, then that can give us the edge we need to keep on working and to persevere.

When those moments hit when you get frustrated, angry and just want to quit; instead of quitting, just take a break.  Sit back for a while and catch your breath.  Take some time out to reflect and meditate.  Remember your “Why” in home business.  What are you working for?  Freedom?  Independence?  Your family and loved ones?  And then, when you remember your “Why,” set your resolve to keep on going no matter what.  Set your resolve, and never forget it.  That may just give you the edge to keep going when others around you are bailing out.

Hard times and good times both come and go.  All things pass.  But, with the proper resolve, your home business can thrive and with stand the test of time!


To Your Success,