Mindset Is Everything!

“As you think, so you shall become.” -Bruce Lee

I’ve said on many occasions, “Mindset is everything.”

The above quote by Bruce Lee illustrates why.

As we think, so shall we become.

Just as our bodies are made up by the quality of the foods we eat, so too are our minds made up by the quality of the thoughts we allow into them.

Would you expect to be able to eat nothing but junk food and still have a strong healthy body?  Of course not.  Yet many fill their minds with negative self limiting thinking and then wonder why their lives are so screwed up.  Negative thoughts are the junk food of the soul.  Be wary and stay away from them.

If you want to change the quality of your life, then take steps to improve the quality of your thoughts.

Spend time with positive successful people, either online or face to face.

Keep away from broke and negative people.  They will either keep you where you are at, or beat you down to their own level.  Not a smart move.

Mind the thoughts you allow into your head in the same way you mind the quality of food you put into your body.

“As you think, so you shall become.”  So think well and live accordingly.

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