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14 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Does Your Email Marketing Suck?  Well, here are 14 tips to help you improve by Alex Berman…

Video Uploaded To YouTube by Alex Berman.

We all make mistakes in Email Marketing (and I know I’ve made my share over the last few years) but there are things we can do to improve our skills.  The above video by Alex Berman contains 14 practical tips for getting your emails opened and keeping them out of the Spam Folder. Watch his presentation and take notes.  You will not be disappointed.

Be sure to catch Alex on YouTube and subscribe.  He is a wealth of practical guidance and inspiration.

Network Marketing Basics: 7 Tips For Getting Started In Network Marketing. (Video by Darin Kidd)

Video Uploaded To YouTube by Darin Kidd.

Getting started out in Network Marketing can be a frustrating process for most beginners.  One teaching that has helped me through this process of transition and transformation is the one shared above by Darin Kidd.

The short video above is loaded with sweet pearls of Network Marketing Wisdom.

Some key takeaways for me:

-Growth in Network Marketing is a process.  Do your best to work with the process.

-Work hard in your business AND work hard on yourself.

-Be consistent in your actions over time.

-And give the process time.  Commit to at least a 2 year period to get to know the basics and get good at working the basics.  Don’t expect your life to change over night or even in only 6 months.  Commit to the long term.

Of course there is so much more to share from this 20 minute video.  Give it a listen and be prepared to take notes.  If you are new to the Network Marketing business and just starting out, this information is highly valuable!


Should I Go Into Debt When Starting My Online Business?

In traditional “brick and mortar” businesses people usually have to go into significant debt when they first start out in business.  And, there is no guarantee of success.  If you borrow money to get going and the business fails, then you are out of business and into debt.  That’s the way the game has been played over the past many years.

But, in online business, you do not have to get yourself into debt to get started.  We started our first online home business using all free tools.  Those tools, coupled with hard work and a lot of imagination, helped us to become profitable without going into debt.  So it is possible to get your own home based business going without incurring debt.

Now there are many “done for you” home business opportunities that can be attractive to the beginner and professional entrepreneur alike.  And these opportunities often come with many starting options.  Some of them you can start for free.  Others you can start for only a small payment of anywhere from $7 to $54.  And all of them offer you the option of buying in at the top if you so desire.

I would say that, if you are a beginner in home based/online business, don’t take any unnecessary risks.  If you can find a free starting option, use that free option to test drive the business.  If it works for you, then go ahead and pay to get going on a higher level.  Other times you can find a business that offers you an incredibly cheap starting point.  In that case it may be a good idea to start at the cheaper level to see if the business is right for you.  If it is, then go in big.  If not, then at least you have gained some valuable life experience without shelling out a lot of funds.

In all of the businesses I am in, it is possible to get started at a free level or an incredibly cheap level.  My key business opportunities (Power Lead System and Wealthy Affiliate) both come with a 7 day free trial.  So there is really no need to go into significant debt when first starting out.

Always do your own research, check the business out for yourself, and then – if you think the business opportunity is something you can work with – go in as big as you can or as big as you dare.  Avoid taking any foolish risks and avoid going into unnecessary debt.

Some Business Opportunities I Am Into

Free Lead System.  A list building tool that you can use for free.  It also gives you entry into the lowest level of the Power Lead System.  Cost – FREE!

Lead Lightning.  A list building tool that you can use in both building your first sales list and to earn $6 commissions for every sale you are able to make.  Cost – $7

Power Lead System.  A suite of internet marketing tools combined with training and one of the best compensation plans I have seen.

Cost – $53.97 per month.  Comes with a 7 Day FREE TRIAL.

Wealthy Affiliate.  Known as the “home of affiliate marketing” WA has been around for 14 years and offers business domains and complete training in building your own online businesses from scratch.  It also gives you valuable tools and community support in starting and growing multiple businesses.  A “must have” for the beginning serial entrepreneur.

Cost – $49 per month.  Comes with a 7 Day FREE TRIAL plus a discount on your first months membership fee.