Affiliate Offers

The Power Lead System

This is a suite of internet marketing tools that is perfect for the beginning Entrepreneur just starting to build a sales list.  It is also helpful to the more experienced Entrepreneur in need of building sales funnels to better promote their business or other affiliate offers.

The Power Lead System contains customizable webpages for lead capture and presentation.  It also comes with an autoresponder and a customizable series of email campaigns.  It also comes with an affiliate compensation plan that is second to none.  Use the system as a customer to promote your own business and products or join as an affiliate and leverage yourself into greater earnings by building teams and making sales.  PLS pays affiliates recurring commissions and an amazing 50% matching bonus on the earnings of your direct referrals.  This system is versatile and designed to help newbie marketers find success.  Comes with multiple levels of training and community support.

Listen below to some of the outstanding stories of success that the Power Lead System has helped to generate over the past few years.  This system is a must have in my books!

Building Success With PLS!

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a program that focuses on blogging, business domains and affiliate marketing.  They offer quality WordPress domains complete with plugins at a price that is more than reasonable.  They also give you training on how to build your first website and monetize it.  And they teach their insights into affiliate marketing as well.

Wealthy Affiliate comes with a referral program that pays you monthly recurring commissions for bringing in premium members. If you are a “do it yourselfer” entrepreneur who is interested in building numerous business sites, give Wealthy Affiliate a try for free.

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