How To Set Up Your FLS Funnel To Earn As A Gold Member (Or Higher) in PLS.

When building your sales list it helps to have a free offer you can give to people.  The Free Lead System offered by Power Lead System is one such offer.  You can give this handy list building tool to anyone interested and immediately gain them as a member of your email marketing list.  But, did you know that (providing you are at least a Lead Lightning level member of PLS) you can also use this free tool to generate commissions?  Actually you can.  And the higher up you are in PLS the more commissions you can generate by giving away the Free Lead System.

The beauty of the Free Lead System is that it is designed to encourage people to upgrade within PLS.  People can choose to use it absolutely free if they wish (earning you leads the more your prospects use it), or they can choose to upgrade to the next level in PLS.  Here is how it works.

The Pass Up Structure

When people join the Free Lead System there is a pass up system that works with free members.  The first lead they generate by giving away FLS to others, they keep.  The next lead they generate is passed up to their sponsor (you).  The third lead they keep, and the forth is passed up and so on and so forth.  So the more Free Lead Systems you give away, the faster your sales list will grow.

Now, if people get tired of passing up every other lead they generate to you, there is a voluntary upgrade they can take advantage of to not only keep every lead they generate but also to earn unlimited $6 commissions.  This voluntary $7 upgrade takes them to the Lead Lightning level.

Lead Lightning

As a member of Lead Lightning your prospects will keep every lead they generate and earn a $6 commission every time one of their leads joins at the Lead Lightning level.  Lead Lightning is available for a onetime fee of only $7, and there is NO monthly membership fee at that level.  This makes Lead Lighting a very easy sale.  And the system is designed to promote itself through it’s built in autoresponder campaign.  So, when you give away the Free Lead System and you are at least a Lead Lightning member of PLS, you are set to be making unlimited $6 commissions when your prospects decide to upgrade.  But the magic does not end there.

Gold Level Membership

When people upgrade to the Lead Lightning level the system then starts promoting the next level of PLS, the Gold Membership level.  When your prospects decide to upgrade to Gold then you earn that commission too providing you are a Gold Member yourself.  Note that you can not earn commissions for a level you yourself are not a member of.  But, by just giving away the Free Lead System as a paid affiliate and letting the system sell itself, you can be earning commissions almost on autopilot.

How I Use FLS

As a Diamond Level member of PLS I am set up to earn $6 commissions, $20 commissions and $100 commissions every time my prospects decide to upgrade within PLS.  I am not yet a Platinum or MTI level member of PLS so I can not yet earn those commissions.  But upgrading to those levels as soon as I am able is definitely on my To Do list!

I have only recently begun to promote my Free Lead System sales funnel, but already I have begun to build multiple leads and earn $6 and $20 commissions.  And, while my results are not typical, I am pleased with my progress so far and looking forward to my first $100 commission using this system.

How To Set Up Your FLS Funnel.

Many people in PLS are not aware of the Free Lead System and do not know how to make use of it.  In the video training above I demonstrate how you can set up your Free Lead System sales funnel so you can earn the highest level of commission possible.  The set up is pretty easy, as the video demonstrates. (See Above)

As a Diamond member of PLS I have set up numerous Free Lead System funnels using the tools given me by the Power Lead System.  One modest example is below:

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*Please note that as a free member of FLS you can not earn commissions.  But you can use the free system to build your sales list and to automatically promote your primary business if you have one.  Upgrading to Lead Lightning gives you the ability to earn $6 commissions and the higher up you go in PLS membership the higher the commissions you are qualified to earn.

**Also note that results are not typical here.  There is no guarantee you will earn any money using FLS or PLS.  Your results will vary depending on your work ethic and other factors.  But I know as a Diamond level affiliate myself that I am very happy with this system.

To Join at the Free Lead System level, just click on the link above.

To Join PLS as a Gold Member or higher, click link below.  Take advantage of their 7 Day Free Trial Membership offer and see if Power Lead System is for you.

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