How To Set Up Your FLS Funnel To Earn As A Lead Lightning Member

In yesterday’s post we saw how you could use the Free Lead System to earn commissions as a Gold Member (or higher) in PLS.  In the video above I show how simple it is to set up your FLS sales funnel to earn commissions at the Lead Lighting level only.

To join Lead Lightning and be able to earn commissions while building a sale’s list, just click the link below.  Lead Lightning coasts only $7 (onetime fee) and gives you the ability to earn unlimited $6 commissions.

Lead Lighting Opt-In

Income Disclaimer:  There is no guarantee you will earn any money with this program.  Results are not typical.  Your results will vary depending on your work ethic and other factors.

Affiliate Disclosure:  I am an affiliate of the Power Lead System and can earn commissions when people join using my links.

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