Free Traffic Sources

There are many different Free Traffic Sources that Entrepreneurs can use successfully.  There is everything from Safelist Mailers, Traffic Exchanges, YouTube and Social Media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and others.  Anything that you can use to drive traffic to your site without paying money for it can be considered a Free Traffic Source.

One drawback to Free Traffic Sources is that they do require an investment of time and energy and they take a while to develop and build up.  But, once built up successfully, Free Traffic Sources can generate leads for you in a seemingly endless manner.

Below you can find a list of Free Traffic Sources that I have used over the years.  The list is by no means all inclusive and I will be adding to it in the months ahead.  But hopefully it will give the beginner an idea of where to start and some of the options that are out there in the world of traffic and lead generation.

Safelist Mailers and Traffic Exchanges

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