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If you have been in the world of online marketing for any length of time you have probably heard of safelist mailers and traffic exchanges.  In this post I am going to do a mini review of HercuList Plus, a platform that is part safelist mailer and part traffic exchange.  I’ve been using this platform for only a brief length of time, but I am already impressed with what I see here.

Safelist Mailer 

HercuList Plus started it’s life as a huge safelist mailer a few years ago (known then simply as HercuList), and that is the first aspect of this platform I will mention here.

HercuList Plus has two mailing options for free members.  The first is the Regular Mailer which allows you to mail once each day without using any credits.  You can join and then immediately blast your ad to community members.  A nice feature to have.

Then HercuList Plus also has a Credit Mailer.  To use this feature you first must accumulate credits by reading what HercuList Plus refers to as Blurbs and Ads.  You are awarded so many points for watching these ads.  Once you get a minimum of 500 points, you are allowed to send using the Credit Mailer.  To date HercuList Plus boasts a membership of 89,525 people, so the more credits you use for mailing purposes the better.

Traffic Exchange

There is another part of HercuList Plus which looks and feels like a traffic exchange to me.  This is a feature know as theZone.

TheZone is a place where people can enter their best sales page and have it promoted alongside others in exchange for viewing the pages of others.  To participate in theZone one first submits the link they would like to promote (this can be changed at any time).  Then you earn points by viewing the ads of others in theZone.  Every point you earn is credited back to your account and is used to drive views to your sales page.  Spend as much time in theZone as you like.  It provides you with yet another option to get eyeballs on your offer.

How It Works For Free Members

Free members can use the Regular Mailer, the Credit Mailer and theZone as they see fit.  The Regular Mailer can be used once per day, no credits required.  The Credit Mailer and theZone both require some surfing to earn credits.  There is a 20 second timer for free members while surfing, so you may want to buget some time in those areas.

Optional Upgrades

Of course you can upgrade to get some time shaved off the timer and you can also buy credits to get your ads out faster without spending your time surfing.  HercuList Plus also offers paid ads that are placed throughout the site.  So, if all you want to do is paid advertising, HercuList Plus has you covered there as well.

My Experience So Far

I see HercuList Plus as a fun and easy site to use.  It is loaded with ads, but then again that is the whole point of the platform.  So far I have been using the site for 24 hours and I have already gotten some optins to my offers.  All in all I feel this is a site worthy of your consideration.

Check the site out for free and see what you think.  As far as safelist mailers and traffic exchanges go HercuList Plus is one worthy of your consideration.

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