How I Went From Traveling 600 Miles A Week To Working At Home.

I am a home based business Entrepreneur.  But, it was not always that way with me.

I wasn’t born a work at home kind of guy.  Instead I was raised with the attitude that you had to go out and find a good job with a good company in order to earn a living.  And I followed that line of thinking for over 40 years.

Throughout the course of my working life I have held down a variety of jobs, all of which required some sort of travel.

My first job was working in a dish room cleaning plates.  Then I got into retail grocery, often working the night shift.

From there I went into the light industrial world manufacturing all kinds of things from air conditioner compressors to fishing boats.  These were good jobs…until the manufacturing went overseas to China.

Finally I landed the most challenging job of my life; working as a senior pastor for a Christian Church.  I held this position for 6 years and it was here that I got my taste for weekly travel.

As a senior pastor my denomination wanted me to continue my seminary studies to stay up to date.  In order to do this I had to travel 460 miles round trip every week to attend classes.  When I got back home I also had to do the normal work of tending the church and the needs of the congregation.  This included home visitations, sick calls, hospital visits, officiating at funerals and leading Bible Study and Sunday Services.  I estimate that I was traveling an average of 600 miles + most every week.  My car and I became very good friends.

Then, after 6 years of being a pulpit minister with little time for home and family, I decided to let that position go so I could work in the area of private ministry.  I had high ideals but no experience in starting up a private ministry on my own.  Within a year my resources were shot and I found I had to go back to the work grind again to help pay the bills.

This put me into my last paying job in which I went back into the retail world working the night shift.  I traveled from my home in the country to the nearest large city to go to work, once again logging in over 600 miles each week behind the wheel of my car.  I did this for another 3 years until finally a series of events began to unfold which made it necessary for me to change my thinking and my life forever.

My Adventures With Alzheimer’s Disease.

In 2011 it became painfully clear that my mother was struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease.  To make matters worse, my father was also showing signs of what would later be diagnosed as vascular dementia.  I could see that they could no longer be left on their own and needed a caregiver for at least part of the day.  Since I was the only child who lived close by, the task fell to me.  So, in the early months of 2011, my wife and I had to figure out a way to work from home giving me the time I needed to take care of my parents.  This turned out to be a necessary and yet frightening move for us both.

How We Did It.

Fortunately I had already become something of an Entrepreneur before having to make this move.  While working the night shift in the city, I got a few daytime jobs lined up periodically doing lawn care jobs for people who lived along the route I traveled.  I had several happy clients and felt that, with enough local advertising, I could increase my client base to be able to go full time in the lawn care field while still giving me enough time to be caregiver for my parents.  And, for a while, this business arrangement worked.

At the same time, we had not given up on building our own independent ministry.  While I was away from the house doing lawn care and sitting with my parents, my wife began to supplement our income working as a phone friend coaching people with relationship issues.  She found a psychic reader network that was looking for people who could read Tarot, and she found a market for Spanish speaking people who were looking for guidance and advice.  She became an instant hit on this network.

This led me to seriously consider finding a way to earn money utilizing the power of the internet rather than working outside of the home at all.  So I started trying to teach myself the skills of website design and online business building.  It was quite an education!

My Early Adventures In Online Marketing.   

My first attempts at building websites took the form of utilizing free blogging services.  I built up several Blogger pages, but it took me a while to get any traction.  After a while I began to see that having a more professional looking domain name would be an advantage.  My free sites up to this point had been ones that looked something like and I thought having my own private domain name would make things look far more professional.  So I went with one service that I thought might help.  It turned out to be an expensive mistake.

I found a company named Webs that had an easy to use system where I could build websites for $23 per month per website.  Thinking it might help, I tried it for a while.  At one point I had 3 websites built up with Webs and was paying over $800 per year.  Plus I had the problem of still not fully knowing what I was doing and having no one to teach me how to do things better.  Then I discovered Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate Difference!

In 2018 I decided to pull the trigger on Wealthy Affiliate.  I had heard of them in the past, but was put off by the negative way in which people like “Ethan Vanderbuilt III” promoted it.  But I finally got to the point where I knew I needed not only custom domains but help and education in how to make these domains profitable.  At that time WA had been around for over a decade, so I knew they were legit.  I signed up with them as a free starter member and immediately I was impressed.

With Wealthy Affiliate I found they offered domains (both free and paid) and lessons I could use as a free member.  I was so impressed by what I saw as a free member that within 24 hours I decided to go all the way into Premium Membership wishing I had discovered them when I was first starting out in 2011.

Wealthy Affiliate gave me many tools for building online businesses.  The most obvious of these are the domains.  As a free member I could get 2 free websites and 20 lessons on how to build and monetize them.  As a Premium Member I found I could create 25 free websites and 25 paid private domains.  Plus I got access to all of the lessons, training, tutorials, live trainings (52 Live Trainings each year) Community Support, WordPress Themes and Plugins, content creation tools, an affiliate marketing platform, business niche help, keyword research tools, and a lot lot more.  When I saw all this I was happy to go premium.

Another aspect of Wealthy Affiliate that people can use both as a free and paid member is the Wealthy Affiliate Referral Plan.  Refer people to the Wealthy Affiliate program and you can be earning recurring commissions when they join as premium members.  There is so much value to this program, I’ve been kicking myself for not taking advantage of this much sooner.

My Advice For Newbies

If you are in a position where you need to create your own home based business, do not waste time trying to reinvent the wheel as I did.  I encourage you to give Wealthy Affiliate a try and let them help you create your first home based business.  As a free member you can create up to 2 free business sites.  And as a Premium Member you can create up to 50.  So there is lots of room for growth.  And you get expert advice teaching you how to get things done and how to get traffic to your sites.  Don’t make the same mistake I did by putting things off.  Get your FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP today and see for yourself what this remarkable program can do for you.

To Your Future Business Growth,


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