My Biggest Mistake In Online Marketing. (Avoid The Shiny Object Syndrome)

Frank Sinatra doing it his way.“Mistakes. I’ve made a few…” And doing it My Way was not always the best way to go!

Yes, as Entrepreneurs we love to be our own bosses and do things as we see fit. But, when you are learning new disciplines, it is good to be able to concentrate on one thing and follow the instructions thoroughly. And spending a year or two jumping from one program to another is definitely NOT the best way to go.

Avoiding The Shiny Object Syndrome

My biggest mistake in online marketing over the past two years has been falling into the trap of The Shiny Object Syndrome. Back in Christmas of 2017 I was faced with the prospect of several of my side businesses falling apart. I had gotten into the Cryptocurrency market with no prior experience and, when a bull market turned bear, I lost my shirt. I felt I needed to cultivate several other streams of income to help make up the difference.  And…that’s when I started chasing several bright shiny objects all at once. I see now, that was a huge mistake.

Dogs playing Easter Bunny.

A Dog That Chases Two Rabbits Catches Neither

There is an old country proverb that applies here. “A dog chasing two rabbits catches neither.” If you are going about chasing anything that looks good, you are not going to be able to recognize a quality program and focus on developing it properly. That, I now see in hindsight, was my big mistake.

I had joined so many programs with the intention of working them all simultaneously that I made it impossible for myself to give each of them the attention they deserved. And I also failed to focus on the one program that would give me the best training to do online marketing right. That one program was Wealthy Affiliate.

My Entrepreneurial Story

In 2017 I was no beginner to Home Based Business. I was raised in a family business and in 2011 my wife and I managed to build up our own personal coaching business to the point where it was paying the bills. So, when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I thought I already had a good enough understanding of everything. Little did I realize I was still but a babe in the woods.

The skills that I lacked (I now see) were many. Website building was a skill I had paid others to do for me. And things like Keyword Research and getting things indexed and ranked in Google were foreign to me. These skills (and more) are taught in the training found on Wealthy Affiliate, but I never took the time to go through them completely.

Instead of focusing on training first, I dove headlong into creating multiple websites using the tools found at WA. I took the first few lessons to get started on building my own websites, then I built one or more websites for every shiny object I had found. Soon I had more websites than I could possibly keep up with. Bad moves.

So, after almost two years of chasing my own tail and making little progress, I finally opened my eyes to one basic point of wisdom…

Man catching sword.

When All Else Fails, Follow The Instructions

This past October I spent some time taking inventory of my life and my home based businesses. I took a long and hard look at Wealthy Affiliate and got back to my training. After one live training talking about how to create a lucrative income building websites for local businesses using the tools and training contained within WA, my eyes were finally opened.

I’d been chasing multiple shiny objects searching for the goose that might lay the golden egg, only to find that goose had been cackling under my nose all along. Now I am taking time out to resume my training seriously with WA and learn the skills I need to build wealth ethically online.

Become a Super Affiliate Boy!

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Special?

The reasons I am so sold on Wealthy Affiliate are multiple. Here is a short breakdown.


First, its a great place to build your own websites for a reasonable price. Previously I had paid a service called Webs to help me build and manage 3 business sites. The service taught me little and cost me hundreds of dollars per year for only 3 websites. Wealthy Affiliate gives me the ability to create up to 50 total websites for only $49 per month. But the quality does not end there.


Wealthy Affiliate also provides a host of training. You get step by step instructions on how to set up your first website. And you get training on finding your own business niche;  how to do keyword research;  best practices for SEO;  getting indexed in Google, ranked and more. Plus these trainings go deeper and deeper the further that you dive in.

When I first got started with WA, I took only the training needed to get myself going in website creation. I totally ignored many other pearls along the way. There are live trainings that cover many topics of considerable value. There are also written and video courses from a variety of expert entrepreneurs. And these same entrepreneurs are accessible within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Helping hands

Community Support

At Wealthy Affiliate you get access to a community of Entrepreneurs from all around the world. And this community ranges from absolute beginner to seasoned professional. We have people here who routinely get posts ranked on the first page of Google and are more than willing to share their secrets with other community members. If you have a question or problem, you can always find help within the online community.

Research Tools

Wealthy Affiliate also has numerous other tools that online entrepreneurs will find valuable. Tools for doing Keyword Research, content creation, finding a profitable niche. There is even a newly added platform that helps you do research on Affiliate Programs that you can use to further monetize your sites.

Wealthy Affiliate Referral Plan

And speaking of Affiliate Programs…WA has its own referral plan that is extremely lucrative. Using this plan you can earn recurring commissions whenever you refer a person to WA and they join as a Premium Member. Commissions vary depending on whether you are a Free or Premium Member (Premium Members earn twice as much as Free) but it is a nice resource to have. The referral plan makes it possible for you to be earning money while you are in the process of building up your own business or businesses.

Free To Join

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership levels; Starter Membership (Free), and Premium Membership ($49 per month). You don’t get all the bells and whistles as a free member, but you do get enough to get you started with, and you can remain a free member for as long as you like.

When you are ready to upgrade to Premium Membership you avail yourself to much more training than you would get otherwise. And, this training is well worth the price of membership. I’ve been in programs that charge hundreds and thousands of dollars for the level of training we get in WA. And we get it all for no extra charge.


A Solid Company

And finally with Wealthy Affiliate you get a company that has stood the test of time. WA has been around for 14 years; going strong and getting stronger. While other companies have faded away or gone bust overnight, WA has proven itself to be an industry leader. Strong, honest, and ethical, WA is one company I can whole heatedly endorse.

Never stop learning.

My Recommendations

Of course there is much more to Wealthy Affiliate than what I have covered here. But I hope I have conveyed enough to help newbie entrepreneurs see the value in this program. If you are a beginner in online marketing, or even an experienced home business owner looking to branch out, WA is well worth your consideration.

To Get Started As A Free Starter Member Click Here!

I would recommend you take your time and check WA out risk free for as long as you like. There is no pressure to upgrade, but if you do decide to make the jump to Premium Membership within your first 7 days, you get a nice discount on your first months membership. And, after that, you get all the bells and whistles of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership for only $49 per month.

If you join Wealthy Affiliate, I also recommend that you take the time needed to check out the training carefully. There is so much value here you are really cheating yourself by skipping it over like I did. Let WA be your Online University and learn how to do online marketing right. Avoid chasing more than one rabbit, and tell those other shiny objects to get out of your way while you take the time you need to thoroughly digest the many good things you will find at WA!

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6 thoughts on “My Biggest Mistake In Online Marketing. (Avoid The Shiny Object Syndrome)”

  1. The thing about the dog chasing two rabbits and catching either is false. If you think about it, there are a lot of times in nature when a predatory animal chases multiple prey animals and eventually catches one of them. I know you are making a statement to make a point, but it does not apply in all scenarios.

    • That’s the thing with a lot of old proverbs and sayings. Not always literally true but still point to a truth. Like, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Not always literally true, but there is a deeper point. Thanks for the comment Will.

  2. Thank you for this great article. I like the picture of the dogs with the rabbit ears. This article is a good reminder not to get pulled into the shiny object syndrome. There are so many things online, like things that promise to make you money faster, that you want to try to get into. In the end, it is all part of your journey, because it got you to where you are now. But it is also good to just focus on the basics and do something consistently for a longer time.

    There are times when you can do multiple things but you just don’t want to spread yourself too thin. Thank you for your expertise on home-based business and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future. The fact that you have continued trying for at least 2 years or more is very inspiring because sometimes it takes time before you start really finding what works for you.

    • Hey, thanks for your observations.  I stuck with WA for two years because I saw the value in just getting all those domains for such a reasonable cost.  But, if I had tried building up more slowly I would have done a better job with all those sites and found much more value besides that.  Still, a great place to be.  Thanks again!  

    • Interesting phrase. I heard the one about a guy who tried to ride two different horses at once, but not the other. Nice way to put it. 🙂


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