Network Marketing Basics: 7 Tips For Getting Started In Network Marketing. (Video by Darin Kidd)

Video Uploaded To YouTube by Darin Kidd.

Getting started out in Network Marketing can be a frustrating process for most beginners.  One teaching that has helped me through this process of transition and transformation is the one shared above by Darin Kidd.

The short video above is loaded with sweet pearls of Network Marketing Wisdom.

Some key takeaways for me:

-Growth in Network Marketing is a process.  Do your best to work with the process.

-Work hard in your business AND work hard on yourself.

-Be consistent in your actions over time.

-And give the process time.  Commit to at least a 2 year period to get to know the basics and get good at working the basics.  Don’t expect your life to change over night or even in only 6 months.  Commit to the long term.

Of course there is so much more to share from this 20 minute video.  Give it a listen and be prepared to take notes.  If you are new to the Network Marketing business and just starting out, this information is highly valuable!


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