Emptiness And The Art of Remaining Teachable.

“In order to taste my cup of water you must first empty your cup.  My friend, drop all of your preconceived fixed ideas and be neutral.  Do you know why this cup is so useful?  Because it is empty.”

-Bruce Lee.  From the book Striking Thoughts.

There is a saying I first heard upon getting into recovery from alcoholism some 13 years ago: Always Remain Teachable.

It took me some time to get my head around what it meant to remain teachable, but I finally got it.

In the group of which I was a part it meant having the humility to admit you did not know everything.  To have the grace and the openness to be able to listen with an open mind to the old timers and the sponsors within the group, even when they were telling you truths you did not want to hear.  To be able to listen without immediately passing judgement on what was being said.

Bruce Lee conveyed this same truth in a different way.  “In order to taste my cup of water you must first empty your cup.”

There is an old Zen parable that illustrates this point beautifully.  In it a student goes to a Zen master seeking to become his disciple.  But, as the two were sitting together, the student immediately began trying to impress the master by the amount of Zen he already knew.  As the student went on and on talking about his understanding of Zen, the master quietly began pouring the student a cup of tea.  He filled the cup to the brim and then kept right on pouring.  As the tea began to pour out of the cup and onto the table and then onto the student’s lap, the student exclaimed, “Look what you are doing!  My cup is already full!”  To which the master replied, “This cup is like your mind; already full of many things.  Before you can learn anything new from me, you first must empty the cup of your mind.”

“In order to taste my cup of water you must first empty your cup.”

In Network Marketing and the Home Based Business niche, we have a similar problem.  Our minds are already full of old wisdom and half truths that worked in the 9 to 5 world of being a good employee, but which do not work very well when it comes to building and succeeding in a business of our own.  And sometimes this old wisdom and these partial truths that we cling to get in the way of our learning new skills and new ways of living.  This can slow down our progress in learning a new business, or block our way entirely.

What is the solution?

Empty your cup.

Have the grace and humility to admit you do not know it all and to voluntarily empty your cup of the half truths that may have served you well in the past, but only impedes your progress today.  We must develop the sight to see the fullness of our own cups, and be willing to pour out our preconceived notions and prejudices so that we can learn anew.  When we learn we must make sure we bring an empty cup with us to the table.  For, only with an empty cup can we take in new knowledge and new insights that can open our eyes to a whole new way of living.

Are you teachable?

Do you come to the table of home based business with an empty cup?

If so, a whole new world of infinite possibilities awaits.

Mindset Is Everything!

“As you think, so you shall become.” -Bruce Lee

I’ve said on many occasions, “Mindset is everything.”

The above quote by Bruce Lee illustrates why.

As we think, so shall we become.

Just as our bodies are made up by the quality of the foods we eat, so too are our minds made up by the quality of the thoughts we allow into them.

Would you expect to be able to eat nothing but junk food and still have a strong healthy body?  Of course not.  Yet many fill their minds with negative self limiting thinking and then wonder why their lives are so screwed up.  Negative thoughts are the junk food of the soul.  Be wary and stay away from them.

If you want to change the quality of your life, then take steps to improve the quality of your thoughts.

Spend time with positive successful people, either online or face to face.

Keep away from broke and negative people.  They will either keep you where you are at, or beat you down to their own level.  Not a smart move.

Mind the thoughts you allow into your head in the same way you mind the quality of food you put into your body.

“As you think, so you shall become.”  So think well and live accordingly.

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Valuable Marketing Training You Can Get CHEAP!

Many people get into Network Marketing or Online Marketing in general, and they waste a lot of time doing the wrong things with great energy.  I know I did.

When I first got into Network Marketing I thought it would be a good thing to post my link in Facebook groups every hour on the hour.  I made no sales, and found myself in Facebook jail.  Bad move.

I did a similar thing when it came to Affiliate Marketing on Twitter.  I pushed regular content every 10 minutes, and pushed a link to an Amazon product every hour.  I did make a couple of sales, but they were just lucky hits that I could not replicate.

I know I’m not alone.  I see other marketers doing the same thing on both Facebook and Twitter.  Folks who have no strategy except spamming their links praying that someone will buy.  There has got to be a better way, right?  Well, there is.

In the Power Lead System we have some excellent training about how to market on Social Media.  The best training I have found in this area is the Endless Free Leads training with Max Steingart.  And, for $54 per month, you get this training, plus a whole lot more.  But, what if you don’t have $54 per month to spend?  What if you want to get going in Social Media Marketing with the proper training for only around 10 bucks?  I believe a little book by Ray and Jessica Higdon might provide you with the answer you seek.

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Ray and Jessica Higdon warn you of the common pitfalls that newbies stumble into (such as spamming your links).  And, they teach you the right way to do social media marketing.  They focus on urging the newbie marketer to take time being social on social media.  Spend time talking to people and getting to know them and their needs.  Offer value to your friends and followers for free, rather than just chasing after them screaming, “BUY! BUY! BUY!”  Then, once your people get to like, know and trust you, you will naturally start making sales.  It all starts with getting the $$$ out of your eyes, and just start trying to help people.  When people see you care about them, they will begin to care about you and become interested in your products, opportunities, or services.

Freakishly Effective Social Media For Network Marketing is not on the same level as the Endless Free Leads training by Max Steingart.  But, for around $10, it’s an affordable substitute.  I believe it will give the newbie marketer enough training to get started making money in online marketing.  Then, after a person is able to upgrade their income, they will be able to upgrade their training.  I see incredible value in both the Ray and Jessica Higdon book and the Max Steingart training.  I have and make use of them both.  And, although the focus of Freakishly Effective Social Media For Network Marketing is Network Marketing, the principles taught in the book work for Affiliate Marketing as well.   If you want to get started earning money online, this book will help you cultivate the proper mindset needed to do it with.

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Resolve. Set It And DON’T Forget It!

It happens to all of us.

Hard times hit.  We get frustrated and angry.  And we feel like giving up.

Been there myself many times.

But the one constant in life is change.  Good times come and good times go.  The same goes for bad times.  No matter what you are going through, just think, “This too shall pass.”

When difficult times come around, it is easy to lose heart and feel like chucking it all away.  But, if we set our resolve to gut it out no matter what and to succeed in our home business plans, then that can give us the edge we need to keep on working and to persevere.

When those moments hit when you get frustrated, angry and just want to quit; instead of quitting, just take a break.  Sit back for a while and catch your breath.  Take some time out to reflect and meditate.  Remember your “Why” in home business.  What are you working for?  Freedom?  Independence?  Your family and loved ones?  And then, when you remember your “Why,” set your resolve to keep on going no matter what.  Set your resolve, and never forget it.  That may just give you the edge to keep going when others around you are bailing out.

Hard times and good times both come and go.  All things pass.  But, with the proper resolve, your home business can thrive and with stand the test of time!


To Your Success,





Welcome To Ralph’s Home Based Business!

Here at Ralph’s Home Based Business you will find opportunities you can use to help you earn a living at home, as well as read stories about some of my experiences in the work at home industry.  Let me start out with a little bit of my personal background…

How I Got Started In the Home Based Business Market. 

I have worked for a living in a variety of different industries.  I went from grocery clerk to light industrial labor to Christian minister.  While I definitely enjoyed some of these occupations better that others, all of them required me to travel away from home and family in order to earn a living.  When I was employed as a Christian minister in Hermitage Mo. I had to travel 500 miles each week to attend continuing education classes in Tulsa Ok.  This took two days out of my week just for travel and classes.  But, I enjoyed it until my parents began to get ill and required somebody to serve as caregiver.  That somebody ended up being me.

As my parents began to show the unmistakable symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, the idea of being out of state for two days each week began to look unsustainable.  So, my wife and I made the decision to leave the church ministry and attempt to create our own cottage home based business on the fly.  It was a bold move, but one we felt we had to make.

The first year was tough.  I was caring for my parents for a few hours each day and trying to build a home business on the side.  Things did not go very fast on the home business front, and after 9 months our savings were depleted.  So, I took a job 60 miles away to help keep our head above water financially.  While I was gone to work, my wife took over the job of looking after my parents.  Then, when I got home and we had some quite time to ourselves, we would work on getting our home based business on a better footing.  It took me three years of working 40 hours per week with my paying job before I finally felt that our home based business could support us.  In 2011 I quit all outside employment, concentrating 100% on home based business and taking care of family.  I’ve never looked back since.

Over the last 3 years we have gone through a lot of changes.  My mother died of Alzheimer’s Disease about 3 years ago.  My dad followed her about a year and a half later.  Now my focus is on moving ahead exploring quality home based programs that are replicable by the average person who shares the dream of becoming a home based business entrepreneur.  I have two home based business programs that I use, and each has stood the test of time.

My Businesses.

The first business I recommend to anyone wanting to start a home based business is the Power Lead System

The Power Lead System focuses on sales funnels and other tools beginning entrepreneurs need to get started selling products or services online.  The system also includes quality training from people like Jeff Mills and Max Steingart (among others) that newbies and seasoned pros alike will find helpful.  It also has a killer compensation plan and has been solid since 2013.  Becoming an affiliate member of the Power Lead System costs $53.97 per month, and it comes with a 7 Day FREE TRIAL.  Just click the image below to get started free.

My second home based business tool that I use is Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 13 years now and has proven itself to be a stable and reliable platform.   The focus in Wealthy Affiliate is on blogging and creating multiple home business domains from scratch.  They provide you with all the tools, training and social support needed to turn your passion into your very own home based business, and to operate multiple businesses online.  They also have an affiliate compensation plan that is adequate and generous for those who want to earn money marketing Wealthy Affiliate itself.  To try Wealthy Affiliate FREE For 7 Days, just click on the next image below.

Income Disclaimer and General Caution. 

Please bear in mind there is no guarantee you will earn any money using these or any other programs.  Results are not typical and your results will vary depending on your work ethic and other factors.  It took me decades of dreaming and then 4 years of hard work before I finally had the confidence and ability to fire my last boss and let our own business take care of us.  Some may see results faster, and others may take longer.  But, I am convinced that anyone who is willing to learn and has the proper mindset can make it in this industry.  Just don’t give up and definitely don’t quit your day job until you begin seeing positive and consistent results.

That’s all for now.  In future posts I will be doing more in-depth reviews of Power Lead System, Wealthy Affiliate and other programs.  I will also spend some time sharing my stories and answering any questions you may have.  So, until later…

Thanks For Dropping By!