Resolve. Set It And DON’T Forget It!

It happens to all of us.

Hard times hit.  We get frustrated and angry.  And we feel like giving up.

Been there myself many times.

But the one constant in life is change.  Good times come and good times go.  The same goes for bad times.  No matter what you are going through, just think, “This too shall pass.”

When difficult times come around, it is easy to lose heart and feel like chucking it all away.  But, if we set our resolve to gut it out no matter what and to succeed in our home business plans, then that can give us the edge we need to keep on working and to persevere.

When those moments hit when you get frustrated, angry and just want to quit; instead of quitting, just take a break.  Sit back for a while and catch your breath.  Take some time out to reflect and meditate.  Remember your “Why” in home business.  What are you working for?  Freedom?  Independence?  Your family and loved ones?  And then, when you remember your “Why,” set your resolve to keep on going no matter what.  Set your resolve, and never forget it.  That may just give you the edge to keep going when others around you are bailing out.

Hard times and good times both come and go.  All things pass.  But, with the proper resolve, your home business can thrive and with stand the test of time!


To Your Success,




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