The Power of Repetition In Advertising (and hearing the word NO! repeatedly).

In marketing we want to make sales and we tend to think of the word “NO” as being our enemy.

But the reality of the matter is that most people are not ready to buy when they first hear of a product, service or opportunity.  It may take 12 to 15 exposures (or more) to the advertisement before they are ready to take action and try the product out.

In light of this we should expect to hear a few “NO’s” (or at least being ignored for a while) when we first pitch our products, and keep pitching no matter how many times we get turned down.  Many newbies to marketing get discouraged and give up after the first few “NO’s.”  The successful marketer knows that several “NO’s” pave the way to that first “YES!”  And they don’t throw in the towel after the first few rejections.

Tools For Further Study:

There is an excellent book called Go For No For Network Marketing by Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz and Ray Higdon.  This book shows the power of persistence in marketing and adopting a mindset where we come to expect hearing the word “NO!” and even come to enjoy it.  It can be found on Amazon using the link below:

Go For NO For Network Marketing.

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